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    Founded in 1995, Zhejiang Hangzhen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as "Hangzhen Energy") was listed on NEEQ in 2015, with stock symbol of 833903. The company has three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Zhejiang Hangzhen Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Hangzhen Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., and Wuhan Hanwei  Refining  installation Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhen Energy is the domestic leader for the vacuum system solutions, which is dedicated to the research & development, design, manufacture, sales and service of vacuum system and equipment, as well as offers integrated vacuum system solutions and energy service to the clients. The company masters the core technology for advanced steam jet vacuum system, mechanical vacuum system and the vacuum refining furnace, creating applications for petroleum vacuum system, petrochemical desulfurization system, VD/VOD vacuum refining/RH refining furnace/VC vacuum casting/LF refining furnace, chemical vacuum system, steam turbine auxiliary system, aerospace vacuum simulation system , which are universally applied in the fields like petroleum refining, liquid steel refining, chemical refining, food, pharmacy, aerospace vacuum simulation and more.


    Hangzhen Energy stands by our quality policies of technology innovation, scientific management, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. Having passed the trinity certification test on the comprehensive management of quality, environment, and occupational safety and health, the company possesses pressure vessel production license and ASME certificate of authorization for design and manufacturing as well as earns the title to be a material supplier of CNPC, global supplier of CNOOC and Sinopec. The company not only established R&D centers and test bases, but has been recognized as one of "provincial enterprise research institutes", "national high-tech enterprises", and "specialized, exquisite, distinctive, original" enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The company accomplished a number of key projects of national importance. The company developed a total of 9 products which are appraised as provincial new products, holds 8 national invention patents, as well as 57 utility model patents and computer software copyrights.


    Hangzhen Energy looks forward to working with you to achieve mutual benefit and progress!



    Service Tel:

    +86-571-88750211 (Business)
    +86-571-88750311 (Technology)
    Add: 26th Floor, Yuexiu Xinghui Center, No. 723 Dayuan Road, Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, Lin'an District, Hangzhou
    URL: www.hzvacuum.com
    Zip code: 311305 Fax: +86-571-88750313
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